A storm’s coming, Cyclone & Typhoon launch

A Storm is Coming, Cyclone & Typhoon launch

IPA. It is an ever-evolving style. The first Burton based India Pale Ale brewers who packed their brews with hops, upped the alcohol and shipped their beer on a six-month voyage to the Raj would probably be gobsmacked at the pure variety of different hop-bombs inspired by their original concept.

In the 21st Century we now have east coast, west coast, session, double, imperial, barrel-aged, black, red, white, New England, fruit and sour IPA’s and more! Without the IPA the contemporary beer industry would be a very different place indeed.

At Mad Squirrel we love IPA’s in all shapes and sizes. There is nothing better than getting stuck into a glass of beer that is bursting with fresh, aromatic hop varieties. However, until Roadkill joins our core range this summer we do not currently have an IPA to call our own. All that changes however this Saturday (25th March 2017) when our two new Limited Release brews are launched in our Tap & Bottle Shops: Cyclone & Typhoon.

Both are 4.5% session IPA’s, both are opaque, both have adjuncts of wheat and oats, both will be fresh hoppy juicy brews with low bitterness, close to the New England style. ‘So what’s the difference between them?’ I hear you ask.

Typhoon is brewed with a mixture of Equinox, Loral, Wakatu, and Centennial hops and is fermented with Wyeast 1318. Cyclone on the other hand is brewed with Equinox, Idaho 7, Azzaca and Citra hops and fermented with a Vermont ale yeast. What this means is that, although they will be broadly similar beers, they will have distinct flavour profiles.

Tasting from the tank Typhoon’s profile comes across as fresh and juicy with a nose reminiscent of freshly cut grass, and prominent orange, grapefruit and lemon flavours coming through at the end. Cyclone is softer, more rounded, still incredibly fruity but with a broader spectrum of fruit notes including kiwis, peach and pineapple.

Both are utterly gorgeous and completely satisfying with a full but soft mouthfeel (in our opinion, anyway).

Typhoon, Cyclone, straight from the FV at the end of fermentation

Typhoon on the left, Cyclone on the right, straight from the FV at the end of fermentation

There is a logic to releasing two session IPA’s at the same time. We have not finalised our recipe for Roadkill and these beers are trials on potential hop and yeast additions. We will be actively seeking feedback from customers as to which incarnation is preferred.

We wanted to brew both batches with added lactose for a fuller body, unfortunately there was a delay in the lactose arriving so the brews had to go ahead without it. We may potentially do a couple more trials before Roadkill is released including lactose, depending on how Cyclone and Typhoon go. Both Cyclone and Typhoon will be released in a mixture of keg and cask.

It goes without saying that the beer will be unfined (there is no point in brewing an opaque beer and then stripping out the haze). We are really excited to get these brews out, They are the hoppiest beers we have brewed to date and no doubt they are the first of many more Mad Squirrel IPA’s to come.

On tap at all our Tap & Bottle Shops from midday this Saturday make sure you give them a go!

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