Statement regarding Amersham Unhinged Beer Festival

Statement regarding Amersham Unhinged Beer Festival

At Mad Squirrel, we are ambitious. Every day we push for our company’s development to the next-level, our team is made up from ambitious individuals, both in their own lives and in their careers, we want to be the best beer company we can be and we always have our sights set on the future.

Sometimes though, ambition means that you fall into the trap of trying to run before you can walk. 2017 has been a huge year for us, our new brewery has been the biggest project we have ever undertaken and has taken far more time, energy, funds and resources then we could have possibly envisioned. Alongside that we have had a constant stream of other projects, such as the Amersham Tap & Bottleshop expansion, the launch of the Craft Beer Cruiser, and ongoing behind the scenes work trying to secure future Tap & Bottleshop sites. We have pushed ourselves to our maximum in order to make sure we are ready for the future. But in one area we have definitely bitten off more than we can chew.

It is with great reluctance that we must cancel this year’s Amersham Unhinged Beer & Music Festival. This project has become one too many and we have deep reservations about whether we can truly provide the experience to attendees that we ourselves would expect. We do not want to wilfully take people’s money, knowing that the infrastructure behind the event is not good enough to deliver the experience they truly deserve. We can, and have, run successful beer festivals in the past, but this year we have just been too flat out to do this justice. We want Amersham Unhinged to be an annual event, we don’t want it to fall down at the first hurdle.

We do not make this decision lightly, with organisation and promotion of the event being so far down the line. But it is the responsible choice to make and we hold up our hands and admit that this situation is our own doing. We are sorry. If you have already bought a ticket to one of the Amersham Unhinged sessions, please get in touch with your point of sale in order to obtain a refund.

The full Amersham Unhinged Beer & Music Festival will be relaunched in 2018 and will be executed with our full resources and energy behind it, in order to make it a huge success. In the meantime, we will be holding a several smaller, music evenings in our Amersham and Wycombe branches under the “Unhinged presents” banner. Lookout for the first of these very soon.

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