Planning a Brewery, Work Begins!

Planning a Brewery, Work Begins!

It has been 7 weeks since we revealed our plans for the future, of which our new brewery was a part. For those who maybe missed our previous announcements the plan is to relocate to a new site, about 100 meters away from our current unit on Boxted Farm (unit 19, instead of our current unit 24). The new site is 9000 square foot, almost 5 times bigger than our current site. Although we will not be fully moved in until the summer, we felt it was time to give you an update on progress and show you in a little more detail what we have planned.

Right now, the current occupiers are still in the process of moving out, they should be completely moved out in the next 2 weeks. The new roof is completely on and finished now, so by the time we get to May we should be in the door and beginning the fit-out. The first stage will be to lay the industrial flooring for the brewery.


So far, we have meticulously planned out all aspects of the space, the above is a fairly generic outline of what we have planned, and where. Alongside this we have also done intricate planning on aspects such as electricity, plumbing, wastage, and energy efficiency. The whole layout of the site has been planned in order for the space to flow easily. To massively over simplify it raw materials, enter the building via the roller shutter on the east side, and finished beers emerge from the brewery via the roller shutter on the west side.

One of the more boring aspects of the new site, but one we are particularly excited about is that we will have the space for a new shop fit out workshop. This should help us really speed up the fit out and opening of new Tap & Bottle Shops as things like making bar tops, bar stools, tables, shelving etc which are currently done on site, can be done before getting on site. The plan gives you a better idea of the scale of the tap room and outside seating area. On a regular sunny Saturday, we should be able to comfortably seat 70+ people outside, with plenty of standing space alongside that for many more. Within the tap room we should have seating for 30+ again with plenty of standing space too. There will be ample customer parking for those who drive (approx. 15 spaces during the week, with more available on Saturdays). Due to our location and the appeal of a nice countryside ride to get to us we will also have plenty of cycle racks available.

Although the majority of the time customers will not be allowed into the brewery yard, or be able to walk through to it from the outside seating area we have put a gate between the two to give us space flexibility. For large events (such as our AGM for investors) the plan is to open the gate and to use all the sections of outside space. Doing this we should be able to accommodate a decent capacity for larger scale events.

Within the taproom, the pizzeria kitchen will be immediately to your right when you walk in, The whole right side wall will be a big bay window that looks through to the brewery. The bar will be in the back-left corner, we are still discussing final tap options but we are leaning towards 12 taps in total, 8 keg and 4 cask. Of course, we will have our usual growler filling stations alongside the taps.

The bottlebox will house all our bottles, cans, minikegs, and cases. Like the one at our Wycombe Tap & Bottle Shop it will be a walk in chilled room, meaning the beer is always kept at its optimum temperature.

We are still approximately a few months away from opening our new home to the public, and there is still so much to do, but we are excited beyond measure for it, and hopefully showing you these plans has got you a little bit excited too.

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