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Gold Digger Grissette

We released our latest Limited Release Brew “Without Fire” on Good Friday, it has been out in our Tap & Bottle Shops and in the trade for a couple of weeks now and the response has been fantastic! The smoked Marzen has really caught the attention of thirsty drinkers and has been flying out and getting some high praise from some unexpected places. So, with the response to Without Fire in mind we have decided to keep things European for our next Limited Release Brew, however we are leaving Bavarian Germany and crossing over into Belgium.

Gold Digger, Grissette, 3.5% ABV

Despite the fact that it is really quite chilly outside and it has been threatening to snow for the last 48 hours as this is being written (IN LATE APRIL!), summer is apparently on its way. With that in mind It’s time to brew something light, refreshing, and sessionable for those long warm days, that must be just around the corner.

Gold Digger is a 3.5% Grissette. For those who don’t know about Grissette’s they were traditionally the working-class drink of the Hainut province of Southern Belgium. A light golden ale, favoured by miners and factory workers, characteristically they are similar to saisons, which were seen as the drink of farm workers, although Grissettes tended to be lighter in alcohol than their rural worker’s counterpart. Light in body, dry and highly drinkable, Grissettes were the perfect drink after a hard day at work, and that rings just as true in the 21st century as it did in the 19th.

Gold Digger has been brewed with a pale lager base malt, and a sizeable proportion of wheat, El Dorado has been used late in the boil and Loral, a fairly new US hop variety, has been used to dry hop. Fermentation is played out with a mix of two yeast strains, Belle saison yeast and BRY 97. This should combine to give Gold Digger a herbal aromatic quality, with a dry, peppery taste and underlying citrus fruit flavour.

The release date for Gold Digger is Friday 12th May in our Mad Squirrel Tap & Bottle Shops, with the beer being available to order by trade customers from Monday 8th May. The beer will be available in cask.

For a relevant food pairing the light profile of Gold Digger should cut nicely through any heavy creamy or cheesy dishes such as spaghetti carbonara or chicken in a mushroom sauce. We have not yet completely settled on what pizza toppings we will pair with the beer in our Mad Squirrel Wycombe kitchen, but some ideas flying around involve brie cheese, white sauce, leeks, chicken and copious amounts of black pepper (keep an eye on Wycombe social media for confirmation).

We can only speak for ourselves, but we are looking forward to finishing a hard day in the brewery/offices, getting out into the warm sun, and treating ourselves to a Gold Digger or two. See you there!

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