Mystery of the Secret Squirrel

Mystery of the Secret Squirrel

Collaboration brews are a fantastic thing, and something that, as a brewery, we have not done enough of *. They give brewers a chance to learn from other brewers, they provide a chance for likeminded people to meet and form friendships and they give beer drinkers something to get excited about in the form of a limited release crossover.

Mystery of the Secret Squirrel, Pump Clip

Mystery of the Secret Squirrel

Some of the absolute best brews of the last few years have been collabs; from Cloudwater/Magic Rock/JW Lees “Three’s Company” IPA to Buxton/Omnipollo’s iconic Yellow Belly Imperial Stout, plus any number of amazing brews to come out of multiple collab project such as The Rainbow Project and Project Venus.

Clearly two (or more) heads are better than one, and beer is best when it is shared, both at point of creation and drinking.

“Mystery of the secret squirrel” will be coming out in July in keg, limited cask, and 330ml cans.

One of the UK’s chief beer collaborators is Wild Weather Ales. Based in Silchester, just south of Reading, they have been brewing since 2012, and in the last couple of years have become widely known by craft beer drinkers for their eclectic range of beers (such as Skadoosh D.I.P.A and Peach of a Weekend peach sour), their striking, playful branding and commitment to quality. They also absolutely love getting together with other breweries and knocking out a limited-edition brew. They have collaborated with breweries such as Weird Beard, Yeastie Boys, Bad Seed, Elusive and more! Now we’re pleased to say we’ve joined the list of their collaborators.

Our brewer Dom headed down to Wild Weather on Friday 16th June and joined Chris, Ian and the rest of the Wild Weather team. Dom had a great day and the Wild Weather crew were fantastic hosts. The team are a real laugh, but take their beer very seriously. The result of the day brewing is a 5% IPA single hopped with Vic Secret, and Australian hop variety that imparts flavours of passionfruit and pineapple, with a light background of herbs and piney resin. The beers name is “Mystery of the secret squirrel”. It will be coming out in July in keg, limited cask, and 330ml cans.

Wild Weather Visit, 1
Wild Weather Visit, 2
Wild Weather Visit, 3
Wild Weather Visit, 4

There will be a “second leg” to this collab later in the year, once we have finished moving and settled into our new brewery, where Wild Weather will come up to us and we will brew together again. But before then keep an eye on social media for exact details of “Mystery of the Secret Squirrel’s” release. Hopefully this can be the start of more regular collaborations between us and other brewers. There is so much talent in the beer industry these days working with breweries, such a Wild Weather is a real honour.

* to date, the only other collaboration we have done was with Canopy brew co. producing 777 Jackpot Red Rye Ale, last year.

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