Ferrous, 4.9% – Limited Release

New Name, New Branding

This Friday (10th March) see’s the launch of our first limited release beer as Mad Squirrel, Ferrous Citra Red Ale will be hitting cask taps in all our Tap & Bottle Shops at 6pm.

We are super excited about this little beer, a 4.9% Citra red ale. Ferrous represents a lot to us as a company, it is an emblem for our progression, a token of our evolution from Red Squirrel to Mad Squirrel. The first limited release beer, the first white badge brew.

Ferrous Citra Red, Citra Red Ale, 4.9%
Mad Squirrel Limited Release Brews

Ferrous pours a deep amber/red colour with a fluffy ivory head. Initial impressions on the nose are strawberries, raspberries and a touch of maraschino cherries, which is held together with a large dose of grassiness underneath all the fruit. When taken to the tongue, the generous additions of Citra become apparent immediately. The red fruits remain but are now balanced out by touches of lemon, and lime juice, and a few scrapes of orange peel.

Ferrous, straight from the FV

Ferrous, straight from the FV, looking good, tasting great!

Citra is one of our favourite hops (surely though, it’s one of everyone’s favourite hops!) but often it is reserved solely for use in light pales, IPA’s and SMASH (single malt and single hop) brews. For us, using Citra in a red ale is a break from tradition and how it works against a beefier malt bill puts it in a new light.

The Citra forms part of a bigger flavour ensemble, rather than being the limelight grabbing solo star. Lesser hops might leave this brew being overly sweet from the grain bill, Citra keeps the whole thing in balance and tasting fantastic. This is an incredibly drinkable beer if we do say so ourselves!

Ferrous finishes with a long fruity note, not overly bitter, but refreshing. It would pair beautifully with a sweet treat like cheesecake or a Bakewell tart. Likewise, it would also work well with gamey meat such as venison.

Ferrous is also our statement regarding dispense methods. After Cloudwater announced they were ceasing cask production at the start of this year there has been some debate in the industry about the state of cask beer in 2017. With our recent rebrand to Mad Squirrel there were concerns raised amongst our loyal drinkers that maybe we would also be moving away from cask to keg only production. We have always believed in picking the dispense method that best suits the style of beer, and the situation of serving.

There is no denying the keg side of our business is growing, along with the entire keg sector, but we will not be throwing in the towel on cask. We have no intention of ceasing cask production, and to prove as much we have made the first new brew released under the Mad Squirrel name an exclusively cask brew!

Unhinged Beer, Mad Squirrel

Unhinged Beer, Mad Squirrel.

Ferrous is available to order now for trade customers and will be available on tap at all Mad Squirrel Tap & Bottle Shops from 6pm this Friday, so make sure you get down and have a few pints and fill up your growlers to go.

It’s a limited release brew after all, so it won’t be around for long…

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