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Our brewery is a micro powerhouse of quality and innovation. We brew on a state of the art A.B.E brewhouse with the very best ingredients money can buy from all around the world. Our brewers work tirelessly to make our liquid dreams a reality.


Our brewing mission is to create beers that excite drinkers. We have developed a core range that we hope consumers will love and return to time and time again, and through our limited release programme we want to show our dedication to the art of brewing and create brews that stimulate drinker’s minds as well as mouths.

We have chosen cans because they are much better for both the beer and the environment.

We have invested in a state of the art LinCan 35 canning line and will be packaging the majority of our core and limited release brews in 440ml cans.

Cans completely eliminate the chances of light-struck beer by not allowing any UV light penetration, a high-end canning line like the LinCan 35 enables the lowest possible levels of oxygen pickup during packaging meaning that the beer leaves the brewery in the best possible condition.

Environmentally, cans are lighter and so can be transported more efficiently, and they are more widely and easily recyclable.

Despite investing heavily in canning, we will not be completely giving up on bottling, Mister Squirrel and London Porter will remain in bottles and selected limited release beers may be released in bottles too.

Keg & Cask

We believe that certain beer styles are best via certain dispense methods.

Therefore we release our beers in a mixture of keg and cask formats. Whereas some styles such a pilsners or heavy, resinous old school DIPA’s require the boost of additional carbonation to push the flavour, classic bitters, stouts and brown ales will require the soft touch and care of a well cellared cask. Many beers we release will come out in both formats, allowing you, the drinker to decide which you prefer.
Visit the Brewery

Our brewery is nestled at the foot of the Chiltern Hills in Potten End, Hertfordshire.

Within the brewery we have built a Tap & Bottle Shop to host visitors. Open 6 days a week, and boasting up to 10 beers on tap, a walk in ‘Bottlebox’ chiller for bottled and canned beer, artisan pizza kitchen, and a huge outdoor terrace for summertime drinking, it is the perfect location to experience Mad Squirrel at the source.
Stand at the bay window next to the bar and watch the brewers at work, or sit outside and watch the hops grow, whilst drinking beer made only feet away, there’s nothing quite like it!
Brewery Tap & Bottle Shop

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