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Our company core aims are to produce the best beer possible, and to share them with the most drinkers possible. We are keen educators and love to spread knowledge and passion for beer. We are always striving to be more consistent, more innovative and the best brewers we can be.


Mad Squirrel Has two ranges of beers, our Core Range are all day, every day, any day stars, these are the beers we brew year-round and are always available in our Tap & Bottle Shops. They are the sort of beers you can enjoy time and time again.

Our second range is our Limited Release Brews, these are where our brewers can show off their creative flair. Here today, gone tomorrow, these beers don’t stick around and will include interesting styles, adjunct experimentation, barrel aging and more!


Drinking beer is fantastic, but when paired with food it can be taken to a whole other sensory level.

At our High Wycombe, Brewery & Amersham Tap & Bottle Shops, we have installed pizza kitchens where our aficionados of the dough work to create bespoke, high quality ‘Za’s to match beautifully with our beers.

All ingredients are fresh and whenever possible, sourced locally. Pizza is a classic accompaniment for beer and is highly versatile, due to almost endless combination of toppings available. We will be including pizza kitchens as a main component in future outlet openings and look forward to creating more awesome pairings.

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The roots of Mad Squirrel can be traced back to 2010. Red Squirrel Brewery Ltd was incorporated at the start of the new decade, and a new brewery was built in Potten End, South-West Hertfordshire. From 2010 to 2017, our brewing kit was upgraded twice, our beer repertoire was hugely expanded, our team grew and multiple awards were won at local, regional, and national level.

In 2013 Red Squirrel Brewing Co opened their first outlet, a beer shop and bar hybrid, in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, 8 miles from the brewery. The concept proved so popular that over the next 3 years we opened a number of other outlets in the Herts and Bucks area.

As our company developed, the types of beers being brewed, and the vision and aspirations of our team, increasingly did not sit comfortably alongside the Red Squirrel name and branding. In early 2017 we decided to retire the Red Squirrel name and evolve the company to Mad Squirrel.


London Porter in 2010


London Porter in 2012


London Porter in 2015


London Porter in 2017

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