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Our company core aims are to produce the best beer possible, and to share them with the most drinkers possible. We are keen educators and love to spread knowledge and passion for beer. We are always striving to be more consistent, more innovative and the best brewers we can be.


We have the best of both worlds being based close to the city of London, but located at the foot of the Chiltern Hills. Our brewery is a powerhouse of quality, innovation, with a focus on unfiltered beers for maximum flavour. We are capable of brewing 2 million pints per year on our tailor-made state of the art brewhouse manufactured in the United States of America, the capital of craft beer.

  • 2 Million Pint per Annum Capacity
  • Hertfordshire Brewery
  • Fermentation Vessels, Mad Squirrel
  • Brewing Deck, Mad Squirrel
  • Unhinged Hops, Mad Squirrel


Mad Squirrel Has two ranges of beers, our Core Range are all day, every day, any day stars, these are the beers we brew year-round and are always available.

They are the sort of beers you can enjoy time and time again.

Our second range is our Limited Release Brews, these are where the brewing team can show off their creative flair. Here today, gone tomorrow, these beers don’t stick around and will include interesting styles, adjunct experimentation, collaborations + more!

  • Mad Squirrel Core Range
  • Limited Release Unhinged Beers


We believe that certain beer styles are best via certain dispense methods. Therefore we release our beers in a mixture of keg and cask formats. Whereas some styles such a pilsners or heavy, resinous old school DIPA’s require the boost of additional carbonation to push the flavour, classic bitters, stouts and brown ales will require the soft touch and care of a well cellared cask.

Many beers we release will come out in both formats, allowing you, the drinker to decide which you prefer.

For small pack, we have chosen cans because they are much better for both the beer and the environment. All our canning is done in-house and the majority of our beers are available in 440ml cans. Cans completely eliminate the chances of light-struck beer by not allowing any UV light penetration, canning also enables the lowest possible levels of oxygen pickup during packaging meaning that the beer leaves the brewery in the best possible condition. Environmentally, cans are lighter and so can be transported more efficiently, and they are more widely and easily recyclable.

  • LinCan 35 Canning Line
  • Mad Squirrel Cans
  • Mad Squirrel Canning Line

Tap & Bottle Shops

Alongside our brewery we also run a chain of outlets, known as Mad Squirrel Tap & bottle Shops. These are the shop window to our brewery and the place where thirsty beer lovers can explore our range. Each Tap & Bottle Shop offers a full range of Mad Squirrel beers to drink in or takeaway, alongside beers from other leading independent breweries, small batch gins, wines, cider and food.

The Tap & Bottle shops also provide us with a space to interact with our drinkers, find out what they are enjoying, what they would like to see us do more of and gain valuable feedback on our brews.

We currently have 6 Tap & bottle Shops in towns across the Home counties, including one at the brewery itself, but we are planning on opening more and are on the hunt for suitable sites in a town near you.

  • Mad Squirrel High Wycombe
  • Mad Squirrel Berkhamsted
  • Mad Squirrel Amersham
  • Mad Squirrel Bars


Drinking beer is fantastic, but when paired with food it can be taken to a whole other sensory level.

We offer high quality, casual food of some kind at all our Tap & Bottle Shops, ranging from cheese & charcuterie boards, to hand made artisan pizza's and gourmet sliders (depending on location).

Our menus are kept concise in order to ensure a fresh and high quality serving every time. All ingredients are fresh and whenever possible, sourced locally.

  • Artisan Pizza's
  • Cheese + Charcuterie Boards
  • Gourmet Sliders


The roots of Mad Squirrel can be traced back to 2010. Red Squirrel Brewery was incorporated at the start of the new decade, and a new brewery was built in Potten End, South-West Hertfordshire.

From 2010 to 2017, our brewing kit was upgraded twice, our beer repertoire was hugely expanded, our team grew and multiple awards were won at local, regional, and national level.

In 2013 Red Squirrel Brewing Co opened their first outlet, a beer shop and bar hybrid, in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, 8 miles from the brewery. The concept proved so popular that over the next 3 years we opened a number of other outlets in the Herts and Bucks area.

As our company developed, the types of beers being brewed, and the vision and aspirations of our team, increasingly did not sit comfortably alongside the Red Squirrel name and branding. In early 2017 we decided to retire the Red Squirrel name and evolve the company to Mad Squirrel.

  • Red Squirrel in 2010

    Red Squirrel in 2010

  • Red Squirrel in 2012

    Red Squirrel in 2012

  • Red Squirrel in 2015

    Red Squirrel in 2015

  • Mad Squirrel in 2017

    Mad Squirrel in 2017

  • Mad Squirrel in 2019

    Mad Squirrel in 2019

Brewing Process Illustration

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Mad Squirrel, Unhinged Beers & Mad Squirrel Tap & Bottle Shops are trading names of The Red Squirrel Group Limited, registered in England and Wales under number 09649496.

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